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Cardinal Foley Belonged to All of Us– But Most Especially, He Belonged to God

It seems everyone has a good “Cardinal Foley” sto cialis without prescription ry to tell. The man was just so nice, so gracious, so friendly, we all thought he belonged especially to us. During my years as conference director for Legatus, I called upon him often. He concelebrated Mass at our annual conference in Florida, […]

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What does it mean to truly love your neighbor?  Can you better show love by: (a)    Telling your neighbor what he wants to hear, or (b)   Telling him the truth, even if it’s going to cause some discomfort? Is it truly loving to: (a)   Give him whatever he wants, or (b)  Give him only those […]

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It’s the stuff of science fiction, of a dark and dreary Dean Koontz novel: Vatican Invites Bloggers to Rome; Blogosphere Falls Silent Where Is Everybody? One hundred and fifty of us converged upon the Eternal City this week and now, only a few hardy souls—those who can subsist on two hours of sleep per night—are […]

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TIRED FEET, WARM HEART. Present at the Beatification of Pope John Paul II!

Today I watched the sun rise over the Tiber River with a million of my brothers and sisters  in Christ. Attending a Beatification is hard work! We had planned to leave the apartment at 4:00 a.m. Our group learned, though, that others would depart for St. Peter’s Square as early as 3:00 a.m.—so Lisa Wheeler, […]

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Inexperienced Blogger Gets to Play on First-String Team: I’M GOING TO ROME!

What a day it’s been! I woke this morning (well, yesterday morning) to find my name on the list of 150 bloggers chosen from among writers all over the world to attend a Catholic Bloggers Conference which is scheduled for May 2 in Rome. The conference—something new for the Vatican!—is co-sponsored by the Pontifical Council for […]

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