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St. Charles Borromeo, Patron of Learning and the Arts

In our house, getting the right sleep temperature is a challenge.  We have baseboard heating, and the master bedroom is warmer than the rest of the house.  Adjusting for comfortable sleep requires at least an associate’s degree:  If sleeping alone, slide under sheet, down comforter, and quilted spread.  If toasty-warm husband is in room, turn […]

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Blessed Marianne Cope: Have You Heard of Her?

Reverend Sister Marianne Matron of the Bishop Home, Kalaupapa To see the infinite pity of this place, The mangled limb, the devastated face, The innocent sufferers smiling at the rod, A fool were tempted to deny his God. He sees, and shrinks; but if he look again, Lo, beauty springing from the breast of pain!— […]

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Teresa of Avila: Patron of Catholic Writers and Headache Sufferers!

A Saint I Can Relate To! St. Teresa of Avila, whose feast day is celebrated on October 15, was a mystic, writer, reformer, and the founder of the Discalced Carmelites.  In 1970, she was one of the first women to be named a Doctor of the Church. In 1577 St. Teresa’s guide for spiritual development, […]

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Would St. Jerome Go to the Library?

Today is the feast of St. Jerome, Doctor of the Church, patron of libraries.  The most scholarly of the church’s early theologians, Jerome has an extensive list of writings.  His commentaries and letters offer a peek into fourth-century life in Rome, but he is probably best known for translating the Bible into Latin (the Vulgate).  […]

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Two Doors, Seven Locks: Preserving the Crown of Saintly King Wenceslaus

You may not know this—who thinks of St. Wenceslaus except at Christmastime?—but today, September 28, is his feastday. Wenceslaus was born in 903 to a Christian father and a pagan mother.  It was his devout grandmother, St. Ludmilla, who educated Wenceslaus in the Christian faith. After Wenceslaus’ father, Duke Wratislaw, died, his pagan mother Dragomir […]

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