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The Tebow Phenomenon: Two Kinds of Prejudice

I know—I’m coming really late to the dance. In the last several months, everyone and his brother has jumped into the fray to beat up on Denver Broncos’ starting quarterback Tim Tebow. Actually, though, what I want to do is something quite different:  I want to use this winsome young man as a foil, merely […]

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Cardinal Foley Belonged to All of Us– But Most Especially, He Belonged to God

It seems everyone has a good “Cardinal Foley” sto cialis without prescription ry to tell. The man was just so nice, so gracious, so friendly, we all thought he belonged especially to us. During my years as conference director for Legatus, I called upon him often. He concelebrated Mass at our annual conference in Florida, […]

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Men Must Endure Their Going Hence: Remembering C.S. Lewis

Men Must Endure Their Going Hence. So warns Edgar in Shakes buy propecia online without prescription peare’s classic King Lear. And so says the tombstone shared by illustrious Christian apologist Clive Staples Lewis and his brother Warren. The tombstone, located in the yard of Holy Trinity Church in Headington Quarry, Oxford, commemorates the writer C.S. […]

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For Our World: A Child’s Profound Reflections on 9/11

I saw the World Trade Center only once.  It was 1998 or 1999.  It had been a number of years since I’d visited New York City; but when our youngest son Jerry began working at an airline, I took advantage of my “parent privileges” (in those innocent pre-9/11 days, parents of employees could fly for $30/roundtrip) and the two […]

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The Power of a Mother's Prayer

Her son was a wild one.  She had tried to impart solid virtues and a lively faith—but her atheist husband quashed that with his brusque way and bad example. So when her eldest son reached his teens, he broke away—rejecting Christianity for an occult religion, and preferring an easy life of casual relationships and carefree […]

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