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He's Coming! The Great O Antiphons

He’s coming!  And as the Church anticipates the coming of the Messiah at Christmas, we sing the joyful O Antiphons at furosemide no prescription Vespers during this last week of Advent.  Each of the O Antiphons reminds us of a different title for Christ, highlighting one of his attributes; and each refers to Isaiah’s prophecy […]

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THE O ANTIPHONS and the Beatles: Great Secrets Revealed?

First, I mean no disrespect—but if you are a theologian or a historian or a liturgist, please pop in here to explain something for me.   I’ve been reading about the O ANTIPHONS, those profound anticipatory psalms which, in the Catholic tradition, are read at Vespers from December 17 through December 23, leading up to the […]

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I LOVE THE PINK CANDLE! The Significance of Gaudete Sunday

How often a good idea finds expression in the rich liturgy and tradition of the Church! GAUDETE SUNDAY is a case in point.  The word gaudete (pronounced gow dĕ’ tā)—Latin for “rejoice”—is actually the first word of the Introit (Entrance antiphon) of the Mass for that day.  And rejoice, we do! But first, about ADVENT:  […]

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THE GARGOYLE AND THE STEEPLE: On the Outside, Looking In

  Look up, look around.   That’s what we do, really, we Christians, during this Advent season.  We look up to our heavenly Father, and to the Son Who came to us in Bethlehem as a tiny baby, and Who comes to us still today.  And we look around at the world in which we live—at […]

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