Moving Day!

Well, this day had to come. I’m dragging my feet, hating to say g

oodbye…. But this is it, folks! It’s Moving Day!

I live my life in an organizational crisis.
Just ask my husband: When’s the last time I could tell you, right off without a frantic search through purse and pockets and junk drawer, where my car keys are?
Just ask my co-workers: When’s the last time I filed notes from a meeting as soon as I got back to my desk?

For information enthusiasts like me, Moving Day brings risks: the risk that I’ll drop stuff or break stuff or forget stuff, the risk that I’ll lose my way on unfamiliar turf, the risk that my old friends won’t ever visit me in my new digs….

But you will, won’t you? Visit, that is. We’ve shared so many stories! I’ve laughed with you, I’ve learned from you, and I always thought it would go on forever.

If we’ve become friends here at Seasons of Grace, then come along with me to the NEW Seasons of Grace, in the Catholic Portal over at Patheos. If you love links, you’ll find me here. If you want to scribble my new address in your spiral bound tablet in purple ink, it’s There, now—write it down! If you don’t have paper, the palm of your hand will work just fine.

I’ll be hanging around over there with some writing greats like Elizabeth Scalia (The Anchoress), Deacon Greg Kandra, Mark

Shea, Kathryn Jean Lopez, and bunches of other great Catholic voices. As they said in the old Girl

Scouts song, “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other’s gold.” You, my friends, are the gold. So come on over!


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