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MOVED! Come On Over!

It's official– viagra canadian pharmacy I'm blogging over at the Catholic Portal at Patheos. Please visit me there! 987zzz321

Game On!

Politics aside, this is so cute! Just to let you know: I am praying for a viagra no prescription strong leader like this, to take back viagra buy America.    

Moving Day!

Well, this day had to come. I’m dragging my feet, hating to say g price of viagra oodbye…. But this is it, folks! It’s Moving Day! I live my life in an organizational crisis. Just ask my husband: When’s the last time I could tell you, right off without a frantic search through purse and […]

Love at First Sight? Woman Weds a Warehouse

Oh, those crazy Occupy folks! < cheapest viagra in uk strong>Just when you think there’s nothing new under the sun, Occupy Seattle protestor Babylonia Aivaz, a Duke University graduate, married an abandoned warehouse at 10th and Union Street in Seattle. Yes: I said “married.” The bride, radiant in a white wedding gown, posed beside a […]

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You Are What You Do/Say/Think….

I read once that when a neurosurgeon touches a spot on the human brain w buy viagra soft ith a probe, he elicits memories. All kinds of memories: a moment in childhood, a school day, a family vacation from years past. Sights, sounds, tastes, smells, feelings. Pain and pleasure, fear and fury and fun. Whatever […]

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