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Oops! I forgot to mention this: T Cheap viagra soft online his week, I’ll be guest-blogging over at The Anchoress, while plocia cialis tadalafil Elizabeth Scalia takes some much-needed time off. You should come over no prescription online pharmacy and check it out! It takes three of us to fill The Anchoress’ shoes: Fr. Dwight […]

Playing in Peoria: The St. Michael Prayer

In 1886, concerned about the spread of communism around the world, Pope Leo XIII penned a prayer to St. Michael the Archangel.  Based on the Book of Revelation’s report of a great heavenly battle (Revelation 12:7), the prayer invokes the assistance of the Archangel Michael to protect canada pharmacy no prescription us against the evil […]

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For Mothers Everywhere: On Scrubbing Toilets and the Challenger Disaster

Twenty-six years ago, on January 28, 1986, the Space Shuttle Challenger broke apart 73 seconds into its flight, disintegrating over the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of central Florida.  All seven of its crew were killed, including the “Teacher in Space,” Christa McAuliffe. On this sad anniversary, it’s not space flight I want to talk […]

An Intimate Dinner with Billy and Betty (On the Side)

I was a high school sophomore when someone told me that in China, aborted fetuses were considered a delicacy. I thought they were lying.  cialis 20mg I still think they were lying.  I had seen a spider consume its prey, the hapless insect rolled in a silken web.  I had seen our cat consume the […]

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The Sound of Silence: Be Still, and Know That I Am God

I have this neat trick that I can do.  Sometimes I lie in bed at night and feel my brain.  That is, I experience an idea as a physical entity, leaping from left to right, pounding against my skull from the inside.  An action potential in the central nervous system:  calcium ions firing, neuro-transmitters leaping […]

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