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Tryst of Titans: Hanky-Panky in the Heavens?

Scientists have recently released a report suggesting that the Earth may once have had two m Soft Cialis online oons: the one we see in the skies tonight, and a smaller one which catastrophically slammed into its larger cousin. What was left was a single amalgam, with the remaining moon flattened on one side by […]

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Oh Lord, I Want to Be in Their Number!

Happy Birthday, Louis Armstrong! “He was born poor, died rich, and never h cialis for sale urt anyone along the way.” essay writers online With his flashy cornet and trumpet playing and his raspy voice, Armstrong was a profound influence on the American music scene. Here is one of my favorites: “When the Saints […]

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All Creatures Great and Small, the Lord God Made Them All

Well now, here we are—I'm traveling, and I'm so darned busy this week! And in keeping with my new policy of posting an occasional guest blog, I thought I’d share a post I particularly enjoyed. Russell E. Saltzman, “Thursday columnist” over at First Things, has a splendid column up this week about the wildlife in […]

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