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This morning over at the Deacon’s Bench, Deacon Greg Kandra wrote about a House Blessing in which he had participated.  Having read his story—twice in fact—I find myself in a story-telling mood! When my husband and I moved to our home six years ago, we were taking a big step and we knew it.  Oh, […]

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AESOP'S FABLES AND THE CHURCH OF LAODICEA: Courage of Your Convictions – A Reminder for RINO’s

To all Congressional Republicans who have disappointed your constituents by your failure to support issues in defense of Life: The election will be held on November 6, 2012. The Bat, the Birds and the Beasts By Aesop  A great conflict was about to come off between the Birds and the Beasts.  When the two armies […]

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SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL FOR GOD: Has First Communion Fashion Gone Over the Top?

Antique lace appliqués detail the silk bodice and cascade down the skirt of a tea-length dress.  Five layers of gathered tulle create a voluminous A-line silhouette. MOMS AND DADS:  This is one of those times when I really want to know what YOU think! I heard a story this week from a friend, a teacher […]

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CHRIST THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD: The Significance of the Paschal Candle

Last night at the beginning of the Easter Vigil, our pastor Fr. Bob LaCroix prepared the Paschal Candle. The pure white wax of the candle is inscribed with a cross, along with the first and the last letters of the Greek alphabet, and the date of this year of grace. As we gathered outside the […]

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A glorious rendition of Keith Green's “Easter Song” by the Second Chapter of Acts. 

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