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will ignoring ex boyfriend text push him away

what to say to make your ex mad and message for the your ex boyfriend that you want him back or how to help your friend get back together with her boyfriend. How To Get Your Ex Back how to make wife jealous, how to win your girlfriend back if she is with someone else, […]

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I attended a workshop recently led by a Benedictine priest, a great writer and speaker. His message was good, and there was much to take away. Just one thing bothered me: He complained loudly about the Church. Let me put it in context. He’s a priest. That is, he is ordained, consecrated to the service […]

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Time flies.  I’m loathe to launch my new blog—to which I hope thoughtful readers might turn for a smile or a spot of news—with a cliché. Were I in my 20s (or even my early 30s) with a smaller stash of memories and a longer lifeline looming ahead, I might abandon the truism altogether. Fact […]

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